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ConnectVideo Review – Is iOS 14 killing Facebook Ads?

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If you’re looking for a way out from Facebook Ads, I can’t blame you. With the launch of the iOS 14.5 update, the rules of online advertising change forever.

As if Facebook’s ad platform didn’t have enough problems already, like…Inconsistent CPMs, Inaccurate reporting, Ad account bans, Frequent bugs, And more!

The iOS 14.5 adds fuel to the fire as we’ve never seen before.

That why online advertisers are looking for alternatives to Facebook Ads. For example, a lot of people try to make YouTube Ads work. Some people believe “native ads” are the only way to go. While others burn their money testing different platforms: LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit, Snapchat, TikTok, etc.

Now, I don’t know about you…But I’m still willing to bet my advertising budget on Facebook & Instagram.


Because I recently took a peek at the future of Facebook Ads. And despite all the negative changes that come with the iOS 14.5 update…

There’s a NEW technology that makes it possible to run *profitable* ads on Facebook & Instagram.

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I want to introduce to you a new product ConnectVideo from Wilco de Kreij. Let’s continue my ConnectVideo review to know more detail about features, benefits and bonuses for your purchasing.

What is ConnectVideo?

ConnectVideo is a brand-new tool that helps you create profitable “Super Video Audiences” in seconds from Wilco de Kreij. It helps you retarget your secret lurkers, loyal fans, and hottest prospects right inside your Facebook Ads account with up to 365 days of retention and get up to 10.37x ROAS with Facebook Ads even after the iOS 14.5 update.

ConnectVideo Review

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ConnectVideo Review – Why Should You Get It?

Firstly, 5 reasons to believe in the future of video audiences on Facebook

The reliable solution after the iOS 14 update

When your prospective clients watch a video of yours on the Facebook app or the site, Facebook has complete access over that data.

The same is true for all the video views on Instagram (but more on that a bit later).

Guaranteed to work FOREVER (despite all future updates)

As Facebook controls all the data for the videos that are played on Facebook-owned sites and apps, future changes to Apple or Google products won’t have any impact.

So, video audiences will be a safe harbor for Facebook advertisers for many years to come.

Reach your target audience 52x longer than usual

Video audiences have 365 days of retention. whereas pixel-based audiences can only go up to 7 days on iOS devices.

This means, when you set up video audiences, Facebook can have up to 52x more data to show your ads to more interested parties.

Unmatched segmentation for increased relevance

This is not often talked about, but pixel-based audiences always had some limitations.

For example, while you could segment people who visited a certain page on your site (like your product page or checkout page), you couldn’t segment those who stayed on the page for at least 30 seconds or so.

Video audiences change that completely.

You can segment people who watched at least 10 seconds of your videos, or 25%, 50% or 95% of your video. So that you have total control over the kind of prospects you’d like to target.

Video audiences are profitable!

I saved the best reason for last.

Please take a look at this screenshot below:

ConnectVideo Adsets

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Secondly, the “old” way of creating a classic video audience is flawed by design…

If you’re curious why video audiences never took off until now…

There’s a good reason for that.

Despite all its advantages, I have listed above…

Creating video audiences on Facebook is a tedious and time-consuming task

Let me break down the process for you:

process create video facebook ads

All these 15+ steps are needed to create only ONE video audience!

It’s repetitive work:

Wanna create a new audience with a different criteria?

You have to go through all these steps (and tick ALL the videos) from scratch.

Wanna add your latest video to the audiences?

Again. you have to start over, rinse and repeat all the steps and tick ALL the videos from scratch.

Wanna test a shorter or longer retention period?

Facebook asks you to start from scratch and repeat all 15 steps.

That’s why creating video audiences was NOT popular among Facebook advertisers (despite its obvious advantages).

ConnectVideo helps you create profitable “Super Video Audiences” in seconds… and you set once, every new video you upload to your Facebook account in the future automagically gets added to the list without you lifting a finger.

Let me give you a quick comparison:

ConnectVideo Comparison

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ConnectVideo Review – What is the Feature and Benefit?

ConnectVideo turns these video views into a profit-boosting “customer magnet” that you can leverage over and over again!

So that you can create profitable ads much more easily WITHOUT changing your existing funnels, workflow, or account structure…

That’s because ConnectVideo leverages your existing work and makes life easier for you while increasing your profits…

Suits the Way You Work

ConnectVideo doesn’t require you to change anything in how you normally run Facebook Ads. No need to change your account structure or tag videos – it just works!

Your Data Is Safe

We request a few Facebook permissions to get ConnectVideo to do its magic for you, and our use of data adhere’s to Facebook’s User Data Policy. In short: your data is 100% private & secure.

100% Facebook Friendly

ConnectVideo uses official Facebook APIs and it follows their strict rules, so it’s 100% compliant with Facebook Ads policies. Our technology doesn’t rely on any temporary hacks.

No Changes to Your Account

ConnectVideo doesn’t make any changes to your Facebook Ads account. In the unlikely event that you find it’s not for you, no further action is required to stop using it.

ConnectVideo turns these video views into a profit-boosting “customer magnet” that you can leverage over and over again!

…with years of experience in creating software tools for businesses of all sizes.

Our software tools are… Click Funnels, Digital Marketer, Bunkie Life, ShopifiedApp, Legion Beats, The Tapping Solution, Groove.

ConnectVideo comes with powerful (and almost magical) features despite its ease-of-use…

iOS 14 Ready

ConnectVideo is ready to serve you even after the iOS 14.5 update takes full effect. It’s the simplest way to protect your ad performance from getting hindered by that update.

Simple Setup

It just takes a few clicks to set up your “Super Video Audience” using ConnectVideo. No migrations, no imports/exports, nothing! Just a few clicks and you’re ready to go.


This breakthrough technology doesn’t rely on any “hacks” that’ll go out of style shortly. “Super Video Audiences” are there to stay even if Apple or Google imposes new limitations in the future.

Set It & Forget It

Constantly adding new videos to your Facebook or Instagram pages? No problem! ConnectVideo takes care of all the new videos behind the scenes.

Like a “Time Machine”

Had a video that got viral on Instagram or Facebook? No worries, ConnectVideo can capture all the video views that happened in the past 365 days and put that historical data into your use today.

ConnectVideo Review – How Does It Work?

You Can Start Using “Super Video Audiences” In Just 2 Simple Steps

Here’s how you use ConnectVideo:

  • Step#1 – Connect your Facebook Ads account.
  • Step#2 – Pick your criteria for creating “Super Video Audiences”

ConnectVideo is designed to do all the heavy lifting for you… So that you reap the rewards almost without lifting a finger…

ConnectVideo Works With Both…Youtube and Instagram

Just imagine:

  • All the video content you’ve posted on either Facebook or Instagram…
  • And all the videos that you plan to produce in the future…

Goes way beyond getting likes, comments, and engagement…

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ConnectVideo Review – Frequently Answer & Question

1, How does ConnectVideo really work?

It’s simpler than you might think!

First of all, you’ll publish videos on your Facebook business page and/or Instagram business account as usual.

There’s absolutely nothing to change in how you run your social media accounts. (But after getting a taste of what ConnectVideo can do for you, you might find it irresistible to share more videos on Facebook and Instagram).

Then you’ll use ConnectVideo to create a Super Video Audience.

This special audience type will include everyone who has watched any of the content videos you’ve already posted in the past, as well as all the videos you’ll be posting in the future. (ConnectVideo will check your page(s) daily to see if you’ve published new videos, and if so, add them to your Super Video Audience).

ConnectVideo comes with some smart segmentation options.

For example, you can create all these audiences with ConnectVideo in just a few clicks:

  • Super Video Audience #1: People who watched 10% of any of your videos in the past 365 days.
  • Super Video Audience #2: People who watched the first 3 seconds of any of your videos in the past 30 days.

These are just examples. Your options are almost unlimited and we’re already working on adding more segmentation options (you’ll get access to these future updates when you get a lifetime license today).

After creating these Super Video Audiences, then you can use them inside Facebook Ads just like any other custom audience.

Just use these Super Video Audiences in some of your ad sets and you’ll be surprised to see how well they perform. (It’s my favorite audience type right now, especially after the iOS 14.5 update).

2, Do I need ConnectRetarget or any other tool to use ConnectVideo?

No, ConnectVideo is a standalone tool.

You absolutely don’t need to use it in combination with ConnectRetarget, ConnectExplore, or any other tool. (But you can, of course, use these tools to take your Facebook Ads game to the next level).

ConnectVideo alone is enough to create Super Video Audiences with up to a 365-day attribution window – including historical data even before you’ve started using ConnectVideo and it’s the ultimate cure for creating retargeting campaigns on Facebook.

3, Can I create a different Super Video Audience for each Facebook page we control in our ad account?

Yes, you can create different audiences for each of the Facebook pages (or Instagram business accounts) you manage.

It’s simple to set this up… and after the initial setup, everything is automated

4, Can I create different Super Video Audiences based on how long people see the video?

Yes, absolutely.

It’s a breeze to do this with ConnectVideo in a few simple clicks.

5, Can I use ConnectVideo with embedded Facebook videos on my site?

Technically you can, but for that scenario only you’ll be bound to iOS 14.5’s app tracking limitations.

ConnectVideo works best with videos on your Facebook or Instagram pages

6, Can I run image ads or carousel ads with ConnectVideo? Or does it work with video ads only?

ConnectVideo helps you create Super Video Audiences based on video views on your Instagram and/or Facebook page(s).

Once you create a Super Video Audience, then you can show ANY type of Facebook or Instagram ad to this custom audience.

In other words, ConnectVideo doesn’t force you to use video ads. You’ll take advantage of the full feature-set of ConnectVideo without ever running video ads.

7, Do you have tutorials on how to use ConnectVideo?

Yes, we not only offer step-by-step tutorials and how to set up and use ConnectVideo, but Wilco has also prepared strategy videos for you to make ConnectVideo an indispensable tool in your marketing mix.

8, Is there any kind of guarantee?

ConnectVideo has a risk-free, 30 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Not happy for any reason? Simply send us a short email within 30 days of your purchase, and we’ll refund every penny of your investment.

No questions asked, no hoops to jump, no hard feelings

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ConnectVideo Bonus

When you buy ConnectVideo, Wilco de Kreij has the perfect bonus for you

Bonus#1 – “Videos That Grow Your Business” CRASH COURSE

ConnectVideo Bonus 1

In this brand-new masterclass, you’ll discover…

How to create viral videos even if you have been in front of a camera

The time-tested secrets to creating videos that get your target audience to know, like and trust you (so that they’ll be your biggest fans and repeat customers)

How to create low-budget videos that bring you new sales (without expensive gear or complicated software)

A simple strategy to discover your top-performing videos and create more of them quickly

When to create informative content videos? When to create video ads that sell? And how to blend them together so that you get new customers without any resistance (and without feeling like a salesman or saleswoman?)

Bonus#2 – Private Invitation to LIVE Webinar: “(Re)targeting In a Post-iOS 14 World”

ConnectVideo Bonus 2

In this special webinar, I’ll reveal…

  • What exactly does iOS 14 mean for advertisers, and why should you care?
  • My step-by-step instructions on how I got our own Ads Manager, websites, and checkout pages ready for optimal results?
  • How to turn all these upcoming changes to your advantage?

PLUS: You’ll have a chance to ask ALL your questions during the webinar (or submit them ahead of the call) and get my expert advice.

Bonus#3 – 30-Day Free Trial to ConnectSuite with full access to Inner Circle Workshops

ConnectVideo Bonus 3

ConnectSuite is a set of 5 different tools that have been around for over 5 years…

Which helps you…

  • Fully automate some cumbersome tasks
  • Make some impossible targeting goals possible
  • Focus the most important visitors while creating retargeting campaigns
  • Grow your email list faster
  • Save you an enormous amount of time
  • Bring harmony to your email list and Facebook ads
  • And more!

Just one of these 5 tools will help you turn $1 into $100, $250 or $500 easily.

But That’s Not All…You’ll Also Get Access To Our Monthly “Inner Circle” Workshops

  • Here’s a partial list of some of the topics we’ve covered recently:
  • Top 10 Facebook Ad Creative Formulas
  • How to Avoid Getting Slapped by the iOS14 Update
  • The Anatomy of a High-Converting Landing Page
  • How to Write Facebook-friendly Ads in 2021
  • Secrets to Analyzing Your Numbers In Your Ads Account
  • And more!

Get 30-day FREE access to the ConnectSuite toolkit AND Inner Circle workshops by ordering the ConnectVideo today…

ConnectVideo Review – Conclusion

I’m so convinced that you’ll not only LOVE the cutting-edge ConnectVideo tools and all the incredible bonuses that Wilco de Kreij is offering today… but when you use it, you’ll also be amazed at your results.

Get ConnectVideo with a lifetime deal today, and you’ll get instant access to everything I’ve listed above with ZERO RISK.

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Thank you for reading ConnectVideo Review

Wish You Success and See You Again

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