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Leader Boot Review – $32,481.51 in 26 Days Case Study

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There’s now a trend towards online businesses these days. But if you don’t have any proper action plan, there’s a strong chance that you will fail. We all know how hard it is to attract traffic and social engagement. And many of us are yearning for a software tool that can actually work to help. This Leader Boot Review will now show you such a tool.

Leader Boot Review – Overview

ButtonSProduct Name: Leader Boot

ButtonSCreator: Ray Lane, Vick Carty and Yogesh Agarwal

ButtonSOffice Sales Page: Leader Boot Review Office.

ButtonSLaunch Date: 2017-09-01 at 10:00 AM EDT

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About author

Leader Boot is the result of years of research from Ray Lane and his close partners – Vick Carty and Yogesh Agarwal. These three men are marketing expert, digital product developer, and graphic designers. Their collaboration has brought about a comprehensive solution for all marketers with their business.

This software is developed to deliver a foolproof yet high-performance marketing suite for anyone. It does not really matter what niche you are working in. It drives traffic in any category, offering the great versatility of use for all marketers.

What is Leader Boot?

Leader Boot is an all-in-one marketing suite for online business. This suite aims at delivering and evergreen source of free traffic, offering higher rates of conversion for any traffic campaign. Whether it is CPA, opt-in form, bonus, etc., Leader Boot has them all covered.

This software tool works to optimize the marketing campaigns and ensure the quality of traffic. It helps to thrive with free and organic traffic from different sources on the Internet. Keep reading my Leader Boot Review to see what exactly this tool can do to help your business.

Leader Boot Review


Leader Boot Review – Features & Benefits

Overlay bonuses instantly

Leader Boot allows its users to display bonuses on their web page in just a matter of seconds. This feature thus saves countless dollars and hours to create bonuses and upload them to the website. By overlaying your bonuses, your offers will be massively exposed to the targeted customers.

Promote CPA like never before

This feature is what my Leader Boot Review appreciates the most about this software tool. It is unlike any mainstream CPA generator you can find out there on the market. You can choose to link CPA or any affiliate offers with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Create stunning opt-in forms

The built-in opt-tin form generator can help you have high-converting forms to display on your website. These opt-in forms will then help you to reach out to more customers, growing your list on complete autopilot. For those struggling with their list, Leader Boot is then definitely the choice.

Eliminate traffic leakage

Leader Boot minimizes the traffic leakage to zero, which enables its users to make the best use of the traffic. In other words, Leader Boot ensures the quality of the traffic, offering a higher rate of conversion and a higher level of leads and sales volume.

Leader Boot Review – How does it work?

Leader Boot works in 3 simple steps.

Acquisition – Get a link that you want to send traffic to

Creation – Set up a stunning boot in just two clicks and overlay it on any site

Optimization – Get traffic and eliminate traffic leakage

Need more proves of how it works? Watch this demo video below.

Leader Boot Review – Who Should Buy It?

Leader Boot is compatible with all levels of users. In fact, you don’t really need to possess any technical skill or experience. Also, you can work in whatever niche you like, because Leader Boot has covered all the major categories. It provides a comprehensive solution for anyone looking for more traffic and conversion.

I believe Leader Boot is a good choice for those running a marketing campaign. As we all know the top priority of a marketing campaign is traffic, Leader Boot is then a useful tool to boost the efficiency of the campaign.

Leader Boot Review – Pros & Cons


  • Ease of use and manipulation
  • Newbie-friendly and tech-friendly
  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • High-speed traffic acquisition
  • Free and organic traffic that come evergreen


  • The price is about to increase

Leader Boot Review – Personal experience

In all honesty, Leader Boot has brought me many delightful experiences. It’s truly a tool that works for tech-haters because the interface is super easy to navigate. Also, Leader Boot provides the ability to automate all the tasks in the traffic generating procedure.

About the quality of the opt-in forms, CPAs, etc., I don’t think I have anything to complain about. I believe Leader Boot is a customer-centered software tool, which is thoroughly aware of its concept and values.

Let’s Look At These Leader Boot Proofs

Lander Boot Proof

Leader Boot Review – Evaluation & Price

Leader Boot is now for sales at $19 for the front-end package. And what I like the most about this price is that it is the one-time payment. You won’t encounter any recurring fee; it updates periodically for free. However, the price will soon increase after launch, as this pricing strategy is intentionally deployed by the author.

You’d better secure your slot as soon as possible. Leader Boot is now offering the best price with the highest discount ever.

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