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Levidio Animatoon Volume 2 Review – The Easiest Way to Create Studio-Quality 3D & 2D Animated Video

Welcome to my Levidio Animatoon Volume 2 Review and Bonus.


As you know, video is no longer an Option, it is a NECESSITY

According to forbes, 90% of customers state that watching a video will help make a purchase decision, and according to Animoto 64% of people state that after watching a video they will decide to BUY.

Nowadays we all know that video has become an undeniable dominance on the Internet.

One of the most powerful types of videos for promoting products, services or improving your personal branding is animated explainer videos.

Explainer videos is a type of video that is short and to the point in explaining and promoting your company, product or service by using attractive animated visuals.

Unfortunately, Not Everyone Can Make Explainer Animation Video.

Yes, that’s the fact. Creating animated videos is a big job.

It takes a reliable script writer, animator, videographer, composer, designer and editor. It also requires mastery over complicated software.

If you want an easy one? Of course, you’ll have to spend a lot of money to pay the person who will make the animated video for you.

Today, I want to introduce you to the easiest way to create an animated video like a professional by using PowerPoint.

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Let’s continue to my article Levidio Animatoon Volume 2 review to know more detail.

What is Levidio Animatoon Volume 2?

Levidio Animatoon Volume 2 is the latest masterpiece from Levidio that once again crosses the boundaries of video creation using powerpoint.

Now everyone can create 3D and 2D animated videos using powerpoint.

Levidio Animatoon Vol 2 is designed by online business experts for all businesses of any scale who want to dominate the market by using video, for all devices and platforms.

It is NOT only a collection of regular templates, but also comes with a video storyline written by a reliable copywriter.

In addition, levidio animatoon V2 also comes with super complete animation assets that allow you to not only create quality videos, but also videos that are unique, alluring and help increase sales and value of your brand.

Levidio Animatoon Volume 2 Review

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Levidio Animatoon Volume 2 Review – Why Should You Need It?

Firstly, these are 2 reasons why you need to create animated video for your business

Animated Video helps you capture the audience’s attention

Animated videos prove to be very interesting and can improve people’s understanding of the products or services you are advertising

Animation Videos can Increase Sales Conversions

The case study says the average person takes less than a minute to decide to buy a product. So animated explainer video is very suitable because this type of video is short, solid and directly towards the target.

Secondly, Levidio Animatoon Volume 2 is the solution ALL Animation Video Needs

Levidio Animatoon is a combination of all the powerful tools needed to support video marketing, including

World’s Best Quality Templates Library

There’s no denying that levidio has the best template quality in the world. In addition to offering video effects & innovative animations, levidio is also very easy to customize for all kinds of needs

Complete Video Assets

Not only templates, but also hundreds of assets animated videos that you can combine with template on levidio animatoon volume 2, so it allows you to generate unique animated videos for each of your needs

Step by Step Tutorial

We’ve provided a very detailed step-by-step tutorial to make sure you can master levidio animatoon volume 2 faster and easier.

Thirdly, Levidio Trusted by More than 17,000 Entrepreneurs ana Marketers from Around the World

Sold over 32,000+ in all versions

Check out what the World’s TOP Internet Marketers say about Levidio Products

Levidio Animatoon Volume 2 Testimonial

Levidio Animatoon Volume 2 Review – What You Will Get Inside?

Levidio Animatoon Volume 2 contains 1,400+ studio-grade 3D & 2D templates and assets that allows you to create highly engaging 3D & 2D Animation video for ANY needs

These are 11 Amazing Modules inside Levidio Animatoon Vol 2

Module#1 – 2D Characters

Huge Bundle of 2D Animated Characters with a variety of poses and professions, available in GIF, PNG, SVG and MOV formats.

Module#2 – 3D Characters

Huge 3D Animated Characters with a variety of poses in FBX format, can be easily use in powerpoint or blender.

Module#3 – 2D Animation Video Templates

Studio grade 2D Animation Video Templates that 100% customizable using powerpoint

Module#4 – 3D Promo Video Template

Studio quality 3D Animation Video Templates that can be edited using powerpoint

Module#5 – 2D Animated Banner Templates

A wide variety of 2D animated banner templates that you can easily customize for your promotional needs, can be customized using only powerpoint. Available in 5 Ratios 16:9, 9:16, 4:5, 300 x 600px, 728 x 90px

Module#6 – 3D Animated Banner Templates

Various kinds of a 3D animated banners that you can easily customize for your promotional needs, can be customized using only powerpoint

Module#7 – 2D Background Scenes

A variety of backgrounds with various locations and points of view, making it easier for you to create a storyline, can be adapted to powerpoint.

Module#8 – 3D Background Scenes

3D backgrounds that will complete your design needs!

Module#9 – 2D Object Assets

2D Complementary Asset Objects that you can mix and match to create even more attractive videos

Module#10 – 3D Object Assets

3D Complementary Asset Objects that you can mix and match to create even more attractive videos.

Module#11 – Ecourse 3D Levidio Animatoon Vol 2

Maximize the potential of 3D Modules in Levidio Animatoon and increase the ability to process 3D assets in Powerpoint and Blender!


Download Levidio Animatoon now, and get a commercial license for all content, templates, and modules. This means you can use Levidio Animatoon Volume 2 to make high-quality videos and graphics for your clients. You can start working as a professional video and graphic creator.

You can sell your video and graphic creation services through your website or social media or on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and much more!

Remember, With Levidio Animatoon you can easily create high-quality videos or graphics in minutes. So it’ll be a very easy job for you with virtually unlimited possibilities.

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