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Mass Optimizer Review – Mass Metadata SEO Software – Your Toolbox Needs This!

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Hello all my friends, welcome to my article Mass Optimizer Review. I hope you will happy with my information, special free bonus and coupon discount on the Mass Optimizer review. Wish you success with Mass Optimizer.

Mass Optimizer Review – Overview

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Creator: Clive McGonigal

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ButtonSLaunch Date: 2018 – 02 – 28 at 10:00 AM EST

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Mass Optimizer Review – What is Mass Optimizer?

Mass Optimizer is a new SEO software that Clive McGonigal. It helps you optimizes folders of .jpeg photos and .mp4 videos with keyword rich metadata including spun content and Geo Locations for video and website SEO boost!

Mass Optimizer Review

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Mass Optimizer Review – Why Should You Get Mass Optimizer?

Firstly, Mass Optimizer can helps you

  • Easy & Fast Image Optimization For Higher Rankings
  • Super Optimize Every .jpeg In Your Websites For A SEO Boost!
  • Your Images Showing Up In Google Images & Google Search!
  • SEO Supercharge All Your E-Commerce Sites
  • Create Powerful Backlinks From Image Libraries
  • Optimize Your Media In ANY Language – Global Domination!
  • Quick & Easy Video Optimization For Higher Rankings
  • Every .mp4 Embedded In Your Web Site(s) Optimized Big Time!
  • Use On Your Own Or Client’s Sites Or Offer As A ‘Service’
  • Get The SEO ‘Edge’ Over Any Competition ( they do not have a Tool like this)
  • Optimize Your Video Files For Any Target Language
  • Higher Rankings = More Views, Leads & Profit For You!

Secondly, Mass Optimizer work like

Re-Optimize every .jpeg image in your or your Client’s existing sites: WordPress, E-Commerce, Etsy, Shopify Stores for a Massive SEO Boost!

Mass Optimize Folders of Images

Simply chooses a folder of your .jpeg images and create a folder to send the optimized versions to.

Add the Search Terms you want to optimize for – add Comments and URLS, Tags, Geo Location if required.

Even upload a .csv file of multiple locations to create images optimized for a whole city, town or region.

Paste in your Article as is or paste your Spintax ( Spinnable Text) to create multiple variations for one or multiple images.

Rename your images to your Search Terms – save as a Project or click ‘Optimize’ and you’re Done!

Optimize every .mp4 Video Embedded on Your Sites. Max the SEO for Every Video you Upload to Any Video Hosting Site! Create 1, 10, 100+ SEO’d Videos in ONE Click!

Mass Optimize and ‘Spin’ Video metadata

Optimize .mp4 Videos prior to uploading to YouTube or embedding on your websites with SEO and Keyword Rich metadata.

Create multiple copies of a video in a folder: now re-title each one from your list of related keywords, search terms and make every one individual and unique via the ‘spun’ article option in Mass Optimizer.

Add multiple Urls pointing to your main Website, Sitemap or YouTube Channel – these too will be randomized in output files – then upload the new videos generated to multiple Video Directories for even more SEO and backlinking juice.

Mass Optimizer Review – Conclusion

Mass Optimizer will be released today by Clive McGonigal you can do all of the above and more to not just one image or video but folders full of images and videos in one click!

You can add ‘Spintax’ to make your images and videos ‘metadata’ unique – rename the files from your list of targeted search terms, randomized tags even adding links to your Websites, YouTube Channels or Site Maps.

Spun content from niche related articles added to the images of your websites, stores and blogs? Easy! Import your images folder into Mass Optimizer, add a list of targeted search terms and textual content, click and done.

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