Mobimatic Evolution 2.0 Review – A Visual Mobile App Design Platform

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Are you struggling with creating a mobile app because it’s too expensive? My Mobimatic Evolution 2.0 Review may give you an incredible idea.

Mobile app is developing so fast that people compare it as a sandstorm in the marketing’s world. It is even considered as something that an entrepreneur has to have to compete with the rest of the world, otherwise, they would fall behind.

However, the thing is that owing a mobile app is not that simple. It can be astoundingly expensive to hire an app developer to make just a simple app, let alone an incredible app that helps promote the business. $3000 is just an average number when it comes to making mobile apps and not anyone can afford this amount of money.

Now let’s get to the core of the problem. The reason why I have brought this topic is that I know a software that can give you the solution. You can use this software to build yourself an IOS or Android app in just 5 minutes. The best part is that you do not need to be an expert in technology or coding to use it. It’s super easy.

Mobimatic 2.0 I what I have been talking about. It is a modern platform for digital marketers to create stunning videos just by simple skills.

Want to find out more? Let’s read the rest of my Mobimatic Evolution 2.0 Review.

Mobimatic Evolution 2.0 Review – Overview

ButtonSProduct Name: Mobimatic Evolution 2.0.

ButtonSCreator: Dr. Ope Banwo, Delilah Taylor and Ifiok Nkem.

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Mobimatic Evolution 2.0 Review – What is it?

Mobimatic is a cloud-based mobile app that allows everyone to create a professional business app. Mobimatic 1.0 was launched some time ago which was extremely successful. Now the vendor has developed the second versions with many other advanced features.

This software works as a service that offers mobile app developments for many businesses around the world. The vendor is now launching the next version, promising an incredible product with a lot of advanced features.

Now let’s look at what Mobimatic 2.0 has to offer in the next part of the Mobimatic 2.0 Evolution Review

Mobimatic 2.0 has 1 Front End and 3 OTO

Front End – Mobimatic Evolution 2.0

OTO1 – Mobimatic Template Club

OTO2 – Complete Consultant Toolkit + Full Installation

Downsell 1 – Mobimatic Complete Consultant Toolkit without Installation + Bonus

Downsell 2 – Mobimatic Complete Consultant Toolkit without Installation No Bonus

OTO3 – Mobimatic Inner Circle Coaching

Mobimatic Evolution 2.0 Review

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Mobimatic Evolution 2.0 Review – Why Should You Get It?

Firstly, Mobimatic 2.0 has these great features

Add quiz and surveys to an app

Mobimatic 2.0 allows you to add quiz easily in the drag and drop setup. Not only that, you can even make surveys from the software and then collect the data easily.

Appointment booking

Mobimatic 2.0 allows you to establish categories and services by just setting a clear schedule for providers as well as opening and closing time for the stores.

Build Uber

Mobimatic 2.0 even build a fascinating app similar to Uber that you can earn up to $5000 for each of the taxi apps.

Enhance white label

Last but not least, Mobimatic 2.0 users now can rebrand for the clients in terms of customer emails, logos, slogans, etc with just a few simple clicks

How Does Mobimatic Work?

There are 4 steps to create an app from Mobimatic 2.0.

Step#1: stay login and you will see a lot of features right in front of you

Step#2: hit “create a new application” and type the name of it

Step#3: Go to the part that has “Design”, “Features”, “Application” and start setting up your app. It will be much easier if you have already sketched all of your ideas on paper before putting it in the software.

Step#4: get your product to publish by hitting “Settings” and choose the niche you want the results on Instagram, Facebook, anything

Let’s watch Mobimatic V2.0 Demo Video

Secondly, Mobimatic Evolution 2.0 is not complex

No need for the knowledge base

As you can see from the process, it is extremely easy to use Mobimatic 2.0 as there will be a step by step tutorial and pictorial articles showing you how to do things. You would not need to be a specialist to create apps from Mobimatic 2.0. No experience required, too.

Customer support

This is one of the main reasons I want to give you in this part of the Mobimatic 2.0 Evolution Review. You will see a 24-hour chat support with response in 15 minutes. Any problem or concern you may have about the product will be solved almost immediately. The vendor team wants to ensure you won’t meet any problem while using the product.

Careful walkthrough

The users are offered a training video with a lot of carefully written instructions. Mobimatic 2.0 completely focuses on its customers by preparing everything you need to properly use the product. This is a big plus for Mobimatic 2.0.

Here Is Just A Few Examples of the Profit Pulling Apps Can Build and Sell With Mobimatic:

Click & Build: eCom Apps

  • Build native e-commerce apps, sell unlimited products and integrate with online payments.
  • Integrate existing e-commerce stores: Shopify, Woocommerce, Prestashop, Magento, Volution, etc with 1 click.
  • P.S. (mCommerce is expected to hit $3.2 trillion by 2018!)

Click & Build: Affiliate Apps

With Mobimatic, you easily build niche apps for affiliate programs. It works with a plethora of different affiliate and partner programs -Amazon, JVZOO, Clickbank and more…

Click & Build: WordPress Apps

Mobimatic can easily convert an existing WordPress site into auto-updated, sexy looking apps and can even send automatic push notifications every time the blogger makes a new post.

Click & Build: Membership Apps

Create VIP and inner circle areas on apps by turning your app into a membership system with user access and content restrictions. Marketers will pay you a higher premium for the inclusion of this feature.

Click & Build: Streaming Apps

Build an eager to listen to a tribe with live streaming radio station apps for your clients. It’s easy to integrate iTunes, Podcast, Soundcloud etc inside your apps and apps can also integrate with Youtube live to stream Youtube videos!

Click & Build: Booking Apps

With Mobimatic, you can easily integrate booking into your client’s apps. The platform allows you to build forms to automate virtually any type of booking process – restaurant, table, venue, appointments, car rental and many more…

Click & Build: Niche Apps

You can quickly assemble niche apps from the content or even PLR. Then flesh it out with live RSS feeds from your client’s website, Facebook page, Youtube, Flickr, Pinterest and more…

Click & Build: Bar & Club Apps

  • The potential in these niches is almost limitless. Promote weekly events and turn your client’s one-time patrons into regulars with exclusive in-app discounts and deals. Integrate sharing features to grow their user base and enable them to post photos in an app gallery.
  • Empower them to directly engage with customers on an discussions wall and seamlessly link up social media feeds.
  • Enable them to boost sales by highlighting their best-selling menu items and send happy hour alerts as push notifications.
  • Your clients will thank you for it!

Click & Build : Hotels & Restaurants

  • Mobimatic comes with a ton of badass features to help grow any restaurants revenue.
  • Restaurants can showcase their menu and have users easily book tables in an app. Hotels can showcase their rooms and rates and send last-minute room deals by push notifications.
  • Both can even use in-app mobile coupons, loyalty card and QR discounts to build loyalty and reward users.

Click & Build: Gym & Fitness Apps

  • You can build mobile apps for personal trainers, fitness athletes and gyms.
  • Automatically integrating with social media, you can add youtube videos for your client’s training, workup guides, nutrition tips and coaching videos and even add a VIP area with restricted content.
  • Push notifications can be used to remind and motivate users to the gym for sessions via an app.

Click & Build: Music Apps

  • You can easily build mobile apps for radio stations, recording labels, bands and artists to grow their fanbase.
  • Easily add features like live music streaming, iTunes music integration and interactive event calendars.
  • Send out calendar alerts to loyal followers to let them know where the artist will be playing next.
  • Your client can even sell their merchandise in app.
  • (There are millions of artists and upcoming artist that will pay you for this!)

Click & Build: Religious Apps

  • Churches and religious organizations will pay you a premium to help them build apps. They can have their hymns, bulletin, upcoming messages, etc on their apps, integrate their social media and blogs and even include in-app forms for prayer requests and counseling bookings.
  • They can send devotionals and service reminders as push notifications to their members and can receive offerings, tithes and vows. And they can sell their products via mobile commerce and upload their messages via text, video, podcast and even connect their live streaming.
  • (You can set this up in less than 30 minutes with Mobimatic and easily charge $500 – $3000 per church!)

Click & Build: eLearning Apps

  • Online teachers, instructors and owners of online courses are all crying out for apps.
  • Utilising Mobimatic’s in app membership features, courses and modules can be delivered in app for optimum engagement and will attract new students from their availability in the app stores.

Click & Build: Community Apps

  • With Mobimatic, you can allow users to send photos and comments to generate a strong community around your brand and product line.
  • The ease of making your app and existing social network pages communicate each other will make your client’s brand and content go viral.
  • App owners can share news with their users to get feedback. You can add one-touch-call, geolocation, links to social pages, and much more…

Click & Build: Local Business Apps

  • As you already know, EVERY business out there needs an app! With Mobimatic you will be able to quickly and easily help local businesses and get paid BIG. Plus, you can also build business apps for yourself! In no time at all!
  • With your App, you can quickly and easily communicate with your customers using Push Notifications. Let your customers know about your sales, offers, promotions, new products, coupons, and discounts. Reward customers through loyalty cards, discounts, coupons, QR coupons and more… Keep your customers informed, happy, loyal, and coming them back for more time and time again!

Mobimatic Evolution 2.0 Review – Conclusion

Mobimatic 2.0 is really a wonderful cost-cutting solution for your process of developing a mobile app. It will surprise you by how fast and intelligent it can work to give you the results.

You already know that Mobimatic is going to enable you to make stunning, quality apps, quickly, easily and with simply a drag n a drop and sell them to a limitless number of businesses who are willing to hand over $500 – $3000 a time. The possibilities are endless, the opportunity real and the amount of apps you can create = unlimited…and this means so are your profits. Do not miss out.

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