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PrimeMeet Review – Get GoToMeeting/Zoom Alternative One-Time Price Now

Hello all my friends, welcome to my article PrimeMeet Review. I hope you will have more useful information and happy with my PrimeMeet Bonus plus coupon code discount from vendor. Wish you success!.


When the coronavirus pandemic forced almost everybody to change to remote working, video conferencing usage soared

Video conferencing presents countless opportunities to businesses.

Whether it’s engaging remote workers, collaborating across departments and locations, interviewing job candidates, or managing suppliers, the technology is efficient, cost-effective, and scalable.

Virtual meeting statistics and video conferencing statistics have accelerated throughout 2020 and will continue throughout 2021. Let us check out some trends and statistics.

PrimeMeet Facts

But, if nobody can join these virtual meetings, it’s a lot of money down the drain.

On top of that…Zoom figures blow away your mind….

  • Zoom has 467,100 business customers.
  • The number of annual meeting minutes on zoom is now over 3.3 trillion.
  • 45 billion minutes of webinars are hosted on zoom every year.
  • Zoom generated $882 million in q3 fy 2021, a year-over-year increase of nearly 400%

Imagine being able to tap into 300m+ daily visitors! Yes!, it’s a free traffic stream… its achievable and yet… just 2% of companies are currently doing live webinars & videos!


  • Businesses are failing to tap into this never-ending free traffic stream.
  • Most businessmen are finding conducting webinars challenging these days by business owners
  • Challenges with IT Help desk, lack of solid support resources from service vendor, old and outdated features of the software’s, expensive monthly subscriptions, lack of training are just some of today’s pain points.
  • For you, it might be one, some, or all of these.
  • Outdated webinar hosting solutions and lack of vendor support just cost you more time and money instead of saving them
  • Webinars are expensive too….and hard to convert…
  • Most platforms like Zoom charge you over 5K per year for conducting webinars.
  • And if such webinars don’t bring the desired sales and profits, it’s a sheer waste of resources and money.

It is time to move over from Zoom, GoToMeeting, or Skype or any other software you are using…

Whichever it is, your struggle is genuine, and to overcome it, we have done all the hard work for you… a genuine solution that will make you capitalize on this free traffic stream…

I am talking about new product PremeMeet from Tom Yevsikov and Firas Alameh.

PrimeMeet is a Best-in-class video conferencing software that lets users share their screens, remotely access one another’s desktops, chat via text, exchange files, communicate via digital whiteboards, and even broadcast conferences to large groups of passive viewers (like webinars).

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What is PrimeMeet?

PrimeMeet is an ultimate solution to connect & collaborate for live video chat, meeting, conference, live class, online training, webinar, podcast, p2p chat messaging, group chat, screen sharing, real time file sharing and so many other engaging campaigns to boost your business marketing strategies.

It is a cloud-based video conferencing platform designed to help businesses conduct virtual meetings and can easily compete with powerful software like Zoom, GoToWebinar and skype.

PrimeMeet Review

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Are There Any OTOs or Upsells?

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PrimeMeet Review – What is the Feature?

Cloud based, mobile responsive system

Our powerful software is hosted on our rock-solid cloud servers. It can be accessed from anywhere including mobile devices. Compete with powerful software like Zoom, GoToWebinar and skype

Multiple Meeting Types

You can choose to conduct any type of meeting. We have multiple options like Video Conference, Webinars, Live Classes, Audio Conference, Podcasts etc to choose from. We support creating and setting up meetings in one click

Intuitive Whiteboard

PrimeMeet offers you intuitive whiteboard to write and edit all the texts you want to in a beautifully designed presentation interface

Audio, Video and Screen Sharing Options

It becomes easy for you to conduct any kind of meeting with a client or a team member with multiple choices. You can conduct both audio and video meetings along with the option to share your screen online during the meeting. This can help make the meetings more effective.
If you want to share a file on screen, just choose that option and browse a file from any device.

Live Chat / Real Time Messaging

Unlimited list imports can be done inside the tool. It is integrated with features that automatically add subscribers as and when they sign in.

Contacts & Segments for Invitation

The very cool feature of PrimeMeet is that it also helps you to segment your contacts. You can add your own new segments, name them, add description and keep adding as many as you want.

Scheduled & Instant Meetings/Webinar

PrimeMeet allows you to conduct instant meetings with a simple click. Not only this, but it is also easier to schedule meetings in the easy-to-use dashboard. There are multiple options you can operate during the meeting and change the layout of the background as you wish. It also allows you to set up time of the meeting, estimated duration, description for participants etc.

Reports & Analytics

You can send your emails and track them with all reports and statistics features available inside the software to help you analyze the clicks and opens and maximize your conversions.
If you want to share a file on screen, just choose that option and browse a file from any device.

Multiple Authentication Option

PrimeMeet has two-factor authentication making it easier for organizations to protect their users and prevent security breaches.

Roles & Permissions Management (ACL) System

Effortlessly assign roles to different team members of your organization with Role-based access control (RBAC) in PrimeMeet.

Multi-lingual & Locale Management

Participants can join meetings and live conferences, using instant language switching, from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Speakers, attendees and even interpreters can be in the room or half a world across as the solution accommodates on-site and/or off-site interpreters. PrimeMeet has live language translation.

Auto & Manual Screen Locking

Screen can be locked both manually and automatically. One can set up any option they seem best for their needs.

UI and Push Notifications

With the push notification feature, the software alerts with important reminders and helps in improving conversions and meeting important deadlines.

PrimeMeet Review – How Does It Work?

Now you can host unlimited video conferences, meetings, live video chats, live classes, online trainings, podcasts, webinars and more along with real time file sharing

Step#1 – Create Your Webinar, Video Meeting Or Live Conference

Step#2 – Show your presentation / Teach your audience

Step#3 – Sell your High-ticket Course/ software

Make profits with those webinars you just held when your affiliate link and live stream gets distributed all over social media and thousands of potential customers.

Check out the exemplary results of using PrimeMeet. Both newbies and professionals can use this software for getting results.

PrimeMeet Proof

PrimeMeet Review – Why Should You Get It?

PrimeMeet is an all-in-one platform that allows you to host unlimited webinars, meetings, live chats & training sessions/classes on ultra-fast servers for life at an unbeatable one-time price.

It is jampacked with valuable features to get you maximum profits while building business connections virtually.

Firstly, with PrimeMeet, you can:

  • Completely transform the way you host conferences and webinars and delight your audience
  • Conduct meetings, conferences, webinars at your fingertips without any monthly fee
  • Set up things in minutes. Everything is Done-For-You. Just add affiliate links.
  • Easily stream pre-recorded videos without any hassles
  • Complete protection and privacy ensured with Free end-to-end SSL Encryption
  • Run unlimited webinars, podcasts with live interaction tools – all automated in few steps.
  • Easy online file sharing and screen sharing makes meetings more effective.
  • Conduct flawless whiteboard presentations with beautiful in-built PowerPoint templates with team members and live screen sharing.
  • Connect With Friends, Clients, Business Partners over high-quality Video calls.
  • Easily collect leads, promote high quality offers with your affiliate links and increase conversions.

Secondly, jump on the profit-making bandwagon with PrimeMeet

PrimeMeet has all the modern features and powerful technology that any video conferencing software should possess to excel in modern times.

There are no restrictions with PrimeMeet

  • Conduct unlimited meetings or webinars
  • No Monthly Fees – Pay once and Use forever
  • Completely Done for You
  • Completely newbie friendly
  • No tech skills or previous experience required
  • Rock solid support from us 24/7

It will only enable you in the right direction rather than setting any restrictions unlike every other mailing system or autoresponder in the market! It is a platform with no restrictions and limitless potential for your email marketing business to soar.

Thirdly, PrimeMeet offers a big bucket of new capabilities that older systems simply never had, far more than just face-to-face interactions

Your very own webinar hosting platform that lets you create immersive virtual meeting experiences and host unlimited, unrestricted video calls and webinars with complete protection of data and privacy!

Just schedule the pre-recorded webinar with just 1 click and your link broadcast through our autoresponder to everyone!

Your competitors will be left eating the dust behind.

Its time you need to leave those outdated webinar hosting tools and grab PrimeMeet with cutting edge powerful technology that automates most of the processes and gets you better results than most of the old, outdated, and systems that are charging exorbitant money every month.

  • Network how you want – allows your attendees to make connections in multiple ways
  • Host multiple interactive meetings – Host highly engaging webinars and meetings that grab your audience’s attention.
  • Offer a Spectacular Virtual Environment – best-in-class virtual environment to draw in participants.
  • Get real time analytics – Understand your audience with real-time data on attendee activity such as logins, chats, webinar views and downloads.
  • Global Reach – Reach your audience in all corners of the world
  • Reduced Costs – Eliminate the cost of travel, food, accommodation, and transportation
  • Improve Audience Engagement – With various live tools and features in-built in the platform, it is easy to create a delightful experience and captivate your audience easily.

Everything is set-up for you. Just need to set up – Run – Profit.

Finally, Further, it’s power packed features allow you to take full control and automate your Video/ audio meeting system and get breakthrough results…

With PrimeMeet, companies can conduct team meetings from multiple remote locations via browser or the native mobile app.

The live chat and integrated messaging tools allow users to send direct messages to team members as well as chat during conference calls.

Meeting participants can also share their screens and edit files in real time.

PrimeMeet lets organizations record video conferences, share meeting highlights with stakeholders, and stream recordings from the cloud.

The analytics portal provides managers with real-time reporting and analytics on company key performance metrics (KPIs), usage frequency, employee behaviours, and trend focus areas.

Users can set up automatic alerts, create personalized meeting rooms, and schedule meetings through integration with Microsoft Outlook.

PrimeMeet Review – Conclusion

Thank you for reading my PrimeMeet Review until now. I hope you have enough the information before buying this product.

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I am sure that PrimeMeet will change video and webinar hosting for you, save you expensive time, money and get you the profits you deserve.

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