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Quizitri Review – Why Quizzes and Funnels are a Match Made in Heaven

Whenever I check my email, it is always filled with sales offers from various vendors to which I subscribed. Does this mean I will be fed off with the overwhelming numbers of sales emails and ignore all of them? The answer is “No”, as I still buy lots of things sent to me by emails.

Recent studies showed that the majority of online buyers share the same habit. Email marketing is still the most effective method for any niches. This is the reason why list building plays a significant role in determining the success of an online business.

Unfortunately, obsolete opt-in forms are not reliable in generating leads anymore. Simply offering some products or bonuses is not helpful either. Nowadays, you need to stir the buyers’ interests, to engage them so that they are willing to subscribe to your service. The current trend exploits interactive quizzes for the task, and Quizitri will help you to make huge profits with those mind games.

Quizitri Review – Overview

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Quizitri Review – What is Quizitri?

As I have mentioned above, quizzes are powerful tools for online marketing. An average quiz can get thousands of shares and a high engagement rate on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. People love playing these short, quick games, and vendors can generate a lot of organic leads by utilizing them. However, you need suitable tools to take the best out of this game.

Quizitri is an online platform to create custom quizzes for any niches. It offers high-quality templates and contents for you to make exciting quizzes for several types of customers. Moreover, you can create different outcomes in your quizzes, which will appear based on the previous answers of the participants. Therefore, you can divide your customers into different segments and give them the most suitable offers for higher conversion rates.

Quizitri has 1 Front End and 2 OTOs

Front End – Quizitri >>> See Detail <<<

OTO1 – Quizitri Template Club >>> See Detail <<<

OTO2 – Quizitri Q-Tech >>> See Detail <<<

Quizitri Review

Which Problems Can Quizitri Help You to Address?

Quizitri mainly focuses on list building, a challenging task for any marketers or vendors. It completes the tasks by building captivating quizzes. Then, you can share them on social media and gather tons of followers. Since you can entertain them, they are willing to pay back with their emails, and you can quickly raise your lists.

Moreover, you can also analyze the references, habits, hobbies, etc. of your buyers through the questions put in the quizzes. Quizitri provides some crucial features such as multiple outcomes, customer segmentation, autopilot scoring, etc. so that you can understand your buyers better and offer what they need. In short, this platform not only builds your lists but also boost your conversion rates and sales.

What Are the Features of Quizitri?

Marketing-oriented Quiz Creator

Quizitri creates interactive quizzes on any topics. You can adjust the contents and appearance of your games with ease. After that, the application will generate a link to the quiz for you to distribute to your customers.

Captivating Built-in Templates

There are lots of themes designed by professional marketers. You just need to pick one and start making your quiz without worrying about the design.

Converting Contents for Quizzes

Quizitri supports some popular niches. It contains some questionnaires and their answers written by experienced copywriters. You can use them directly or make some modifications for your quizzes.

Multiple Outcomes and Paths for a Quiz

For one question in the quiz, people will have different answers. The results of them will determine the next questions or outcomes of the quiz. This can be effortlessly set up with Quizitri.

Automatic Grading Tool

You have two modes for your quizzes: General and Score. For the latter, the platform will automatically grade the answers of participants.

Classification of Your Customers

Using the multiple-branch quizzes and the grading tool, Quizitri will segment your wide range of customers and give you specific characteristics of each group. With that, you can boost your conversion rates by sending optimized sales emails.

Mobile Responsive

No matter which kinds of devices your buyers are using, they can enjoy the best view of your quizzes.

Tracking and Evaluating Leads

To increase the effectiveness of your business, you can monitor your leads which Quizitri and see which ones are the most profitable.

Integration with Autoresponders

Autoresponders and email marketing are inseparable. Quizitri supports seamless integration with major platforms so that you can make the most out of your lists.

Special-purpose Web Pages

A complete newbie can modify crucial web pages of your quizzes such as the Start, the Landing, or the “Thank you” pages. So, he or she can attract organic traffic and potential buyers.

How Does It Work?

Quizitri is a foolproof application which requires no technical knowledge or experience. Everyone can make simple but attractive mind games with a responsive and comprehensible interface:

  • Step#1: Select a theme and named your project
  • Step#2: Use premade contents or create them by yourself
  • Step#3: Enter the questions and answers to the quizzes
  • Step#4: Set up suitable branches and outcomes
  • Step#5: Monitor your leads and raise profits.

Quizitri Review – Conclusion

Emails are the shortest way to your customers, but you have to complete two challenging tasks before sending a sales offer to your customers. First, you need to get the leads from organic traffic. Second, you have to understand the buyers’ references so that they will respond positively to your emails.

Now, you see the reason why I called Quizitri a revolutionary marketing tool. This platform can help you to achieve the two missions effortlessly, and you can boost your sales and profits. Moreover, quizzes can entertain your followers, and they may become your loyal buyers.

You will need $69 for the front-end version of this application; I think this is a fair price for its capabilities. Other options include the reseller right or a vast collection of themes and contents. Whichever version you choose, you will be protected with 30 days of unconditional refunds. Thank you for reading my Quizitri Review, and don’t forget to share it with your friends or family if you find it helpful!

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