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Reddule Review – App Combines Reddit + Viral Video for Lasting Traffic

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Have you ever heard of Reddit? If you have not, it is an international forum with more than 250 million active users. It contains numerous subforums called “subreddits”, and each of them dedicates to a specific topic like world news or funny videos. A significant portion of contents on other social networks is pulled from Reddit.

Is this forum not a lucrative source of traffic and buyers? Yes, it is. The problem is that redditors, the word for Reddit users, are not friendly to marketing campaigns. Also, the wide range of users and topics makes it difficult for marketers to find their targeted traffic. Fortunately, Reddule has been developed to support Reddit marketing, and every marketer can benefit from it.

This bundle contains training materials and software that you can use to understand the preferences of Redditors, to catch the viral trend, and to market your products on Reddit effectively. Let find out how it works in details now!

Reddule Review – Overview

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What Is Reddule?

Reddule contains two parts: Reddule Traffic Training System and Reddule Cloud App. The former is a thorough training course that teaches you how to blend in Reddit traffic while gathering traffic and sales. This is important as Redditors usually downvote and ban marketers who post too many useless and repeated contents.

The latter is a cloud-based application that uses Reddit API (Application Programming Interface). This software provides integrated analysis and marketing solutions for marketers. It finds out the most viral keywords and subreddits, and it can make posts on complete autopilot.

Reddule Review

Access Office Page

Reddule has 1 Front End and 4 OTOs

Front End – Reddule Personal or Commercial >>> See Detail <<<

Personal Features include:

Reddule Traffic Training Course, Keyword Tracking with Email Notification, Subreddit Best Post Time Analysis, Schedule Posts and Links to Specific Subreddits, Find  Videos from YouTube and Create Posts to Schedule, Achieve + Browser Extension, Karma Analytics.

Add 1 Reddit Account Only

Commercial Features include:

All features from Personal including the ability to add more Reddit accounts, add more keyword tracking campaigns, schedule more posts, and use Commercially as a service (not resell access or the app).

OTO1 – Reddule Platinum >>> See Detail <<<

Includes all features of Commercial + Outsourcers License, Reddule Traffic Wp Plugin, and more usage rights for power users including the ability to add more Reddit Accounts.

OTO2 – Reddule Agency Reseller >>> See Detail <<<

A reseller version of the app including DFY setup or the ability to add clients themselves through a special portal. Comes with training to help users find their first clients to sell Reddule.

OTO3 – Reddule – Viral Mobilio Special >>> See Detail <<<

The latest updated version of the viral traffic software. This lets users run viral share campaigns using mobile messenger platforms that have 90%+ open rates. A great fit for traffic/viral funnel.

OTO4 – Reddule – VidViral Special >>> See Detail <<<

The latest updated version of the cloud app that creates viral video memes on Facebook with an ability to add above and below captions to videos on social media.

How Can Reddule Benefit Your Business?

Unlike other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat, capable Reddit marketing tools are scarce. In addition, Reddit users are picky when it comes to ads, and they can banish unfavored users with their “karma” system. They only focus on quality or unique contents, and it is challenging for a marketer to build a fanbase on this site.

Reddule can be the solution for all of those problems. It allows you to analyze Reddit thoroughly so that you can find out the subreddits with organic traffic, the trending keywords, and topics, and the method to get high “karma”, no matter in which niches you are working. As a result, you can generate profits from the vast but unexploited traffic of this forum…

What Are the Features of Reddule?

These are what you will get with the two components of this bundle:

Reddit Traffic Training System

After going through all the documents and training videos of this course, you will be able to:

  • Spot Suitable Subreddits: You will learn which subreddits can bring you the most targeted traffic which has a high chance to turn into buyers.
  • Go Viral with Videos: Similar to most people, redditors love watching interesting videos. This course will teach you how to bring your videos to the homepage of Reddit for massive flows of traffic.
  • Safety Measurement: Reddule Traffic Training ensures that your contents and accounts are not treated as spams like a typical marketer, and you can conduct sustainable marketing campaigns.
  • Increase Revenue through Ads: Discover the hidden gems in the Reddit PPC network so that you can make more money on a lower investment.
  • Proven Funnels: You will get the blueprints of marketing funnels made by the authors. They had produced significant amounts of profits, and you can copy them for instant success.

Reddit Cloud App

Knowing how to work with Reddit is not enough for success. The diversity and sheer numbers of topics and contents on this site make manual labor inadequate. You need an automatic application that can help you to do regular marketing tasks. For that reason, I believe Reddule Cloud App is what you are looking for:

  • 100% Cloud-based: This application works entirely on the servers, so you do not need to install it and can work from anywhere.
  • Viral Content Search Engine: With Reddule Cloud App, you do not need to create contents. You will be given a list of hot topics, users, videos, posts, or texts so that you can repost them.
  • Keyword Analyzer: The software crawls through numerous subforums, topics, posts, and comments to discover the viral keywords that you need to put in your contents. It also notifies you by emails so that you can instantly post or comment with those trending terms.
  • Appropriate Schedules for Higher Profits: The analytical tool will report you the best time to make a post on the forum so that you can get the most traffic and attention from the users of the chosen subreddits.
  • Post on Complete Autopilot: After finding out the posting time that can produce the most profits, you can create an optimized one for yourself. Then, the application will post your contents to specific subreddits automatically.
  • Karma Watcher: Karma is the score of a redditor given by fellow forum users. The higher the karma, the more credits and followers that person will gather. You can track the karma scores of the contents you posted to see which method brings the most benefits to you.
  • Easy Management: You can control and work on multiple accounts in one dashboard

How Does It Work?

  • Step#1: Go through the training materials of Reddule Traffic Training to understand how Reddit marketing works
  • Step#2: Use Reddule Cloud App to search for viral contents and hot subreddits.
  • Step#3: Research trending keywords to put in your contents
  • Step#4: Create a new campaign and synchronize your Reddit accounts with the software
  • Step#5: Set the scheduler to post on autopilot.

You can get more details from this demo video:

Let’s watch the proof that gets 5,464 targeted viewers in just 6 days from 100% scratch to a site with no previous traffic all from Reddit using a brand new Reddit app I’ll show in you just a second…

Reddule Proof

Or the nearly 2000 targeted leads in a separate campaign here…

Reddule Proofs

Reddule Review – Conclusion

Reddit has several hundred million users, but the competition there is low as there have not been many tools for marketers to exploit this source of traffic. This is a waste of opportunities for marketers, as Reddit users are divided into specific topics, and you can quickly find potential customers no matter which kinds of products or service you are marketing.

For those reasons, Reddule seems to be a worthwhile investment. It only costs $26 for the front-end personal version and $34 for the business version. However, you will obtain an integrated solution to squeeze organic traffic and buyers from this international forum, including an informative training course and an application that can handle most online marketing tasks.

If you want to try a new frontier in your business, you should give it a try. You can enjoy a lot of valuable one-time offers, and you are protected with 30 days of money back guarantee.

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