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Sociowide Review – Transform PowerPoint as an Easy Social Media Design

Are you looking for an advanced video-creating tool? It is not necessary anymore. Follow my Sociowide Review to find out why!


Videos, as well as graphics, are two important keys for marketers to attract viewers and make more sales. But as you probably know, not anyone has adequate skills to create videos. On average, it takes about a few years for a marketer to be really good at creating videos.

There are online courses which you could learn how to create graphic designs as well as videos. But does it actually work? I am not sure. Not to mention there are thousands of online courses to choose, making it extremely overwhelmed for those who want to start from zero.

In this Sociowide Review, I am going to walk you through a product that I do believe everyone would love it. Sociwide provides materials so that you can skip the hard part and concentrate on the most important thing. Let’s continue to read and find out more!

Sociowide Review – Overview

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What Is It?

Sociowide is a collection of graphics templates and video templates used for social media. The first thing you should know about it is that you can edit those templates using PowerPoint. Whether it is for your social media videos or graphic designs, these templates would make your work a lot easier.

All you need to get started is the latest version of PowerPoint to edit. Although it is possible to use the older versions of PowerPoint, some effects would not display. So, I recommend you use the latest version of PowerPoint to maximize the effects.

SOCIOWIDE has 1 Front End and 2 OTO

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Sociowide Review

Grab Your Copy & Watch Sociowide Demo

What Is It Designed for?

Creating videos or graphics is a complicated process that not anyone can do. If you have never taken any specific lesson, chances are you have to struggle quite hard on your own to learn. Even to those who have to create videos frequently, it still takes a lot of time.

Sociowide has brought a solution for both newbie and experienced marketers. Instead of spending hours trying to create the effect you want, now, you can use the pre-made templates which can deliver stunning results.

The ultimate goal of this product is to help anyone, regardless of their skills and backgrounds, create videos with ease. If you usually hire someone to create videos, then Sociowide will help you save a bunch of cash.

What I want you to take away from my Sociowide Review is that Sociowide is not a plugin nor a software. It is just a collection of templates that have been designed already so you can use right away.

What Are The Great Features of It?

Fully customizable

Usually, to edit videos, you need to have special video editing tools sold on the market. If you use templates from other people, it may be even harder to edit as the author may use special effects, formats, and configurations that you do not fully understand.

Sociwide provides templates that can be edited by PowerPoint. Anyone can edit and anyone can create videos in a blink of an eye. Within a few clicks, you can adjust elements such as colors, graphics, text, and videos.


Here comes the main part of the product: video templates and graphics banner templates which are divided into 12 different modules. They cover almost any common niche on the market.

Part 1: Video templates

Module#1: Facebook cover video templates

Module#2: Instagram video templates

Module#3: YouTube Promo video templates

Module#4: Social story video templates

Module#5: Subscribe channel video templates

Module#6: Premium video social media templates

Part 2: Graphics banner templates

Module#7: Facebook cover banner templates

Module#8: Instagram banner templates

Module#9: Social story banner templates

Module#10: Twitter cover banner templates

Module#11: Thumbnail YouTube templates

Module#12: Premium Banner Social Media templates

How to Use It?

As I mentioned above, Sociowide requires a very little amount of effort from users. What you should do is to choose the templates that fit your need. Edit it by adding more elements or remove some of it. Then you are ready to go! It takes less than an hour to have a complete video created. Let’s try it now and find out how amazing those templates can help you!

Advantages of Sociowide

Newbie friendly

Sociowide suits the need of a newbie marketer as it does not require many skills, prior experience or training. All it needs is you know how to use PowerPoint.

However, I do hope that the vendor will add some more templates in the future. To be honest, the content inside seems quite limited for me to choose, which sometimes can lead to inconvenience when conveying ideas and messages.

Highly efficient

The next point in this part of the Sociowide Review is its efficiency. If you have to spend hours or even days to create and edit graphics videos, banner, thanks to Sociowide, the process can be narrowed down to minutes. As you can skip the hard part and concentrate on what makes you different, it becomes much more efficient than you expect.

Save time and money

Sociwide is not only for newbie marketers, it is also for those who are too busy and can find the right time to do the designing on the own. Hiring is too expensive, yet the results are not guaranteed. In this case, Sociowide would be a perfect solution you should consider.

Sociowide Review – Conclusion

I highly recommend Sociowide for those who are struggling with creating videos and graphic designs. If you want to grow more leads and sales, this is a great opportunity that should not be missed out on. It is also a much more affordable option. For only $17 to $27, you already own a package of templates that are well designed and highly professional.

Also, the package comes with a 30 days money back guarantee, so it comes down to a zero percentage of risk. Why not try it now and see how it change your life?

Thanks for reading my Sociowide Review. As usual, I wish you all success!

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  1. You are advertising an intro price of $17 and when you go to check-out you are requiring a payment of $25.02 …. Which is it …. not thrilled of advertising one price and then charging another when you get to the check-out window …. Which price is it.

    • Thank for your question. The price at $17 for Early Bird some hours. The price will increase steadily and this price at $25 will continue increase onto next time.

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