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Curation LAB Review – Complete Content Marketing Strategy

Welcome to my Curation LAB Review to Breakthrough App Discovers High-Quality Viral Content That You Can Publish To Instantly Boost Traffic And Engagement.

How To Use The System To Create UNLIMITED Content Without Writing a Single Word…

Today, I want to share with you a new system is – Content Curation.

More specifically, content curation on your blog and social media, to drive traffic and sales.

Now I know you’ve seen other people talk about this before.

You have probably even TRIED it, but not as successfully as you would like.

Well, Neil Napier and his team do something different.

We have introduced AUTOMATION into the system, so we don’t need to search everywhere for worthy content to curate.

In 3 simple steps, here’s how this system works:

You INSTANTLY find content that is trending or going viral (no need to hire people to do this, the system does it for you)

You share it on social media and your blog with a single click (no need to do manual copy and pasting!),.

And you stack up campaigns so that you continue to get traffic, automatically! And you move FAST!

This is EXACTLY what these influencers were doing.

They were using expensive tools like BuzzSumo to find this trending and relevant content. Some even had teams of 5 to 10 people working AROUND THE CLOCK to curate viral content from RSS feeds, and other websites online.

Then, they were using this content to get more engagement and profits.

Upon realization, and looking at what existed in the market…

Neil Napier and his team got to work and created a POWERFUL tool that was based on the SAME concept as BuzzSumo, but not as expensive.

A tool that helps us curate viral and trending content in just a few seconds.

The ONLY difference is that unlike these other guys, He is going to let you HAVE this tool (and his system) and save you a LOT of time and a HELL LOT of money.

Yes, I am saying about Curation LAB.

Curation LAB Review

Grab Your Copy & Watch Curation LAB Demo

Curation Lab has 3 OTOs

OTO1 – Curation LAB Pro >>> Contact Us <<<

PRO version offers more capabilities including:

  • Ability to Monetize Content
  • Complete automation of content posting
  • Built-In Graphic Designer
  • Built-In Content Spinner
  • Ability to add 10 Team Members (Outsourcers license)
  • Connect To 100 Websites
  • Connect To 500 Social Accounts
  • Get Access To Over 1000 Public Feeds
  • Add 100 Custom Feeds For Niche Content

OTO2 – Curation LAB Takeover >>> Contact Us <<<

Curation Takeover allows you to leverage other people’s authority content. Add your links to anyone’s content… and start driving massive traffic, sales and leads to SKYROCKET your profits. Monetize other’s content to make profits for yourself in just 1-Click.

OTO3 – Curation LAB Course >>> Contact Us <<<

This is a 5-part course that teaches people how to leverage other people’s content to build out courses, all legally.

Module#1 – The Problem Finder

Module#2 – The Course Structure

Module#3 – Technical and Behind the Scenes

Module#4 – Pricing Models

Module#5 – Generating Free Traffic

Curation LAB Review – How Does It Work?

This Easy-To-Use Software Works In 3-Simple Steps:

Step#1 – Discover

Find viral and trending content on any niche from over 500 content feeds!

Step#2 – Publish

Connect all your social media accounts and blogs, and schedule your content within minutes.

Step#3 – Get Traffic

Enjoy improved SEO and an avalanche of new visitors. Fresh content gets increased traffic, engagement and sales.

Look at Everything You Can Do With Curation Lab

  • Tap Into Unlimited Content
  • Instant Results
  • Detailed Analytics & Reports
  • Link Shorten Support
  • Automate Content Discovery
  • Super Easy To Use
  • Customizable Niche Content
  • Save Precious Time with Auto-Post & Scheduling
  • Curate Content Like A Pro
  • Long Term SEO Benefits
  • Free Stock Photo Integration

This is How You Will Be Able to Curate Content FASTER Than Your Competition…

Social Media Integrations

Connect up to 10 websites and 50 social accounts. Spread your content all over the web on complete autopilot.

Tap into unlimited content

Get access to over 500 content feeds on any topic. Articles, videos, podcasts from thousands of websites can be used in your social accounts and blogs.

Build Your Own Topics To Curate

Discover the most highly engaging content in any niche by simply entering a keyword. Forget your bookmarks. Follow on your favorite content with our Feeds Reader, all in one page. News, videos, products research – you name it

Auto-Post & Scheduling

Automation is the key. Curation Lab makes the whole process a complete set-n-forget system. Just select the date and time for your posts to go live. It’s perfect if you are in time zones that are very different from that of your audience.

Customizable Niche Content

When you have specific content needs, trending viral content may not always be what you want. Add RSS feeds of sites in your niche, and we track THOSE for the best content.

Detailed Analytics & Reports

Dashboard view that ENABLES you to see which website content and accounts are getting the most interactions. Track your post engagement and view reports to gather data and optimize your future content.

Pick Viral Posts Quickly…

Pick your topics, virality, and add where you want to post. Then we take over the rest and drip out amazing content on your schedule.

Make Blog Post

Make a blog and social post in just minutes. Use the content that you curated by entering a keyword. The high-quality viral content will boost your engagement and conversions in no time.

Stock Photo Integration

Integrate free stock photo platforms in just 1-Click. Make your blogs and social posts more engaging using images. These have proven to increase conversions.

Calendar Scheduling

Quickly see what content is scheduled to go live, where it’s going to post.

As you can see, this is by far the MOST COMPREHENSIVE curation tool out there. And the awesome part? This is a constantly evolving tool. So expect to see a lot more features being included in this tool.

This is a tool that we in our business so we will make sure it’s up to the industry standards.

During this special launch period, Neil has decided to include special bonuses when you get Curation Lab today. It’s Curation Lab Commercial License.

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  • Second Step: Get Curation LAB via any link on this article Curation LAB Review or Click here
  • Third Step: After completing the transaction, forward your ID receipt to email at [email protected] or [email protected] 

You will receive this Special Bonus within NEXT 20 hours.

Thank for reading my Curation LAB Review

Wish You Success and See You Again

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