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How To Make $100 Per Day On ClickBank with Free Traffic as Affiliate Marketing

Hey, today I have a very special article for you. I will show you how to make a hundred dollars per day on Clickbank as an affiliate marketing.

I’m going to show you everything how it’s set up in three easy steps as following

ClickBank Sales

Step#1 – Pick an offer from a Clickbank that is going to be a hot-selling offer that is proven to convert which is actually how we’re going to be making our money

Step#2 – I’m going to show you how to double your money using something called google sites which is an absolutely free tool from google so everybody can use it.

Step#3 – Driving free traffic to our hot selling offer so we’re going to be sending people who are very very interested in the offer or the product we have to sell so that they can buy it and we can make money that way.

The system you’re about to see works for people who are just getting started beginners or people without any prior experience in digital marketing or affiliate marketing. You don’t have to have a website or a sales page and it works worldwide.

All right so the first thing you need to do is pick an offer so where we pick an offer. We go to and sign up for an affiliate account. ClickBank is basically an affiliate marketplace where we can find different products or offers that we don’t own these are products that other people have created but we can promote and we can make money that way.

We don’t have to ship these products we don’t have to do customer support it’s a very kind of hands-off way of making money.

After you have signed up for ClickBank. Login into your account and go over to the top menu right here

ClickBank Marketplace

and click marketplace on the left side you’re going to see a lot of categories these are different products that you can pick to promote in different categories like you see education employment, fiction, games, health and fitness, etc

I told you we’re going to be looking at the hottest products on ClickBank and we’re in the middle of the spring season that means summer is coming.

So what is the hottest topic throughout the summer and before the summer this is fitness and bodybuilding and people want to get fit so what we want to do is on the left side we want to click health and fitness right here and this is going to be one of the top trendings offers not only in the health and fitness niche but all over the ClickBank marketplace and we can see that by looking at something called a gravity score and basically the gravity (how trendy is a certain product how many people are promoting this product and how much money this product is making)

We’re going to bump the gravity to above 50 something like that so Clickbank is going to pull only the hottest products we can see here Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic. This is an offer it has the gravity of 504 which is insanely huge big usually the products on Clickbank have a gravity of around 50 to 100 score and this one has 500 which means it’s trending and it’s picking up because the summary is coming.

ClickBank Grav

And as we can see flat belly tonic basically an offer for losing weight and this is how much money you’re going to get paid per sale so if you make just one sale today you’re going to make a hundred dollars so basically you need one sale each day to make a hundred bucks which is absolutely perfect just one sale you don’t even have to push hard to make a lot of sales one sale 136 dollars that’s it.

So what we can do is I can go a click open link in the new tab so we can see how the landing page looks like. We’re going to open it so basically the landing page has a video sales letter and it says ancient Japanese tonic melts 54 pounds of fat.

This is a video sales letter where people are going to watch they’re going to be informed about the product or they’re going to be informed about how to lose weight and then by the end of the video they’re going to be presented with a solution which is going to be to buy the product so this is how you actually make money by sending traffic to this landing page.

I’m gonna show you a better way of driving traffic to this landing page so we can increase our profits increase our money.

First, you can look through all the products make sure they have a gravity of above a hundred. For example, in this case for a summer product, we can see an offer for a weight loss that has 263 points of gravity which is still a pretty good indicator so we’re going to stop on the Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic. We’re going to click the promote button and then I’m going to click generate hop links and this is your unique affiliate link. Every time people land on this link and they click your link they land on the video sales letter and they buy the product, you’re going to get a commission of 136 dollars.

To increasing our profits, we don’t send traffic to this landing page directly but we want to pre-sell them by bridge page.

Now, how to create the bridge page. I will explain below

Go over to hit enter basically this is a place that google provides for people to build a landing page absolutely free so you can build a simple landing page or website for free without paying anything this is from google.

You can pick a template that says dog walker this is the one that we’re going to be using this is a very simple one so click dog walker and of course we’re going to be changing that so here is how it looks like a pretty simple website.

People like to follow steps and we want to provide them with steps so here we’re going to create our own article that. This is the purpose of this article is to inform people about benefits and ways to lose weight and also we want to pre-sale them to the product so we can also make money by informing them basically. We will provide value to our visitors and also we’re going to be making money so it’s a win-win situation.

For example, we will write an article Five Ways To Lose Weight Fast. You can use Google to find out many articles with a lot of information about weight loss. For each article, you can choose the best steps and paste them into your article “Five Ways To Lose Weight Fast”.

You can organize 5 steps to weight loss in your article. Each step will provide the perfect value for our customers.

Like I said above, people love to follow steps and I’m gonna make this bolder five steps to lose weight fast. Let’s say for summer 2021 there we go now we have a very strong statement ready for the summer of 2021 so we can write the article for five steps to lose weight fast for summer 2021.

The important in step 5. This is a place you offer a product from Clickbank.

Continue with example offer Okinawa flat belly tonic. This is the product we’re going to be promoting but instead of just clicking the promote button now we want to click the affiliate page so I’m going to click this open a new tab so we want to take something from here so once you’re on this page this is basically an affiliate a help page where you can get a lot of details about the products and a lot of advertising materials that are going to help you promote the product.

So what we want to do here is so we want to click the top converting email swipes and from here we want to click click here to get immediate access basically this is going to open a google drive all right so now we want to take an image from these swipes that is attention-grabbing an image and it has a play button like a video so let’s scroll down and find a very kind of bizarre and weird looking image

Because this is what we need people to grab people’s attention by showing them something like I said bizarre and attention-grabbing so let’s scroll down and find something. This one for example this is a pretty good image that looks very weird and this is what is going to drive a lot of people to click on this image.

offer okinawa flat belly tonic

This is what we need to save this image on your computer. Now go back to your website to where you’re building your website to google to to create the fifth step. This is going to be actually the smooth sales pitch and the ninja trick.

Now, we upload the image that you save from the above step and change the title to step number five and we’re going to say watch the video above.

Step 5

This is our step number five, and we actually going to replace this text by the text of the vendors of this product that they already have provided us very kind of cool text and they have provided us with a text from professional copywriters. And we’re going to copy something which is a Japanese fix for belly fat this completely natural method for reducing belly fat is amazing it was first discovered in Japan and it’s super easy for Americans to follow.

Because it uses common ingredients that all Americans have in their kitchens so pretty good so far it shows you how to combine them together and within days you can see your belly fat shrinks with two three inches so this is pretty good

You can look at the above image.

It doesn’t look good it must be pleasant to the eye as you see I try to make everything looking very very legit with images with nice styles with everything in order so make sure your website doesn’t look scammy because that’s what sells if it’s not scammy more people are going to click on it if it looks scammy nobody is going to click and nobody is going to buy.

I have just explained step number five.

And now what we need is to go back to ClickBank this is the final step and in here now click promote grab your affiliate link and copy it.

Go back to and in here hover over this image click it and now go over to this button where it says insert link click this and paste your affiliate link so let’s click apply then go scroll down and actually I’m going to highlight this link and make this link again our link so I’m going to insert our link or you can replace the button CTA for better chance clicking it.

Now, you can click to publish your article. This is one of the best ways of doing affiliate and internet marketing. I recommend you hook up your own domain name for more professionalism.

OK, your site is ready and people landing on this page and see 5 steps to lose weight fast so they start following the steps. Until they see step number five is watch the video above and when they click this button see what happens they click this button and guess what boom they are redirected to the video sale letters from Clickbank. Now they’re going to watch this video and buy the product.

okinawa flat belly tonic

This is how it works. The next step is to drive traffic to this bridge page that you just created.

What you need to do is copy your URL and go over to Facebook and in the Facebook search bar you type weight loss and find out a lot of groups related to weight loss.

Next, what you can do is open these groups on a new tab and start engaging with the group. Don’t start posting your links right way, don’t try to spam people right away from the bed don’t try to rush making money because if you rush it you’re not going to make any money

Let’s introduce yourself start posting start answering comments and start engaging on posts so people get familiar with your profile picture they get to use to know you so they are not afraid of when you post links. When you post a link they already know you so it’s this is like a friendship

If you want people to buy your product become friends with them and educate them on how to lose weight why probiotics are important why sleep is important to educate yourself as well as study the topic study the niche it’s all about providing value and providing kind of good feedback to people and be helpful

Don’t try to make money for the sake of making money. Let’s trying to help people and the money will come after that trust me it’s much much more important to help people and then they will actually ask you to buy something from you this is how it works.

I hope you have useful information on this article.

If you want to know a perfect method to make money on ClickBank as affiliate marketing. I highly recommend the system Commission Hero Pro 2021 by Robby Blanchard for affiliate marketing.

If you have a newbie affiliate marketing and don’t have much budget to start run ads, I recommend Perpetual Income 355 V3.0 from Shawn for you.

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