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Raiid Review – Automated ClickBank Affiliate Marketing System

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Hello all my friends, welcome to my short article Raiid Review. I hope you have more useful information and happy with my awesome free bonus on my review.

This is a complete review of Raiid, the recently released automated affiliate marketing software by Mark Bishop, Ventaka Ramana and Nakul N.

And I’m going to answer the most important question.

Can Raiid really make affiliate commissions on complete autopilot?

You will also discover the good, bad and ugly of Raiid. And you’ll discover if the software will really enable you to make regular Clickbank affiliate commissions on complete autopilot.

Raiid Review – What is it?

Raiid is a cloud-based software that claims to automate the entire affiliate marketing journey from content creation, to insert your affiliate link, to driving traffic.

I say ‘claims’ because Raiid doesn’t do everything for you. You still have to select the product you wish to promote and add relevant keywords to push Raiid’s content creator in the right direction. But admittedly, as far as affiliate marketing goes, this is pretty much as automated as it gets.

Essentially Raiid builds Clickbank affiliate hubs (CBA Hubs for short) automatically. CBA Hubs are essentially web platforms that are filled with Raiid generated content with your affiliate links. Raiid even hosts these CBA Hubs for you, so there are no additional costs involved.

Raiid Review

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Are There Any OTOs or Upsells?

Yes, Raiid has 5 OTOs

OTO 1 – Raiid Heist – Price: $67

Same features as FE with the following additions

Same features as FE with the following additions

  • Unlimited use
  • 3 Subdomains
  • 3 Domain – Cname mapping
  • Promote UNLIMITED products per month
  • Syndicate across 12 high traffic platforms

OTO 2 – Raiid Smash & Grab – Price: $37

Same features as FE with the following additions

Automate: Users can set keywords enabling the Raiid system to check for related posts & content according to set the schedule and then create with users embedded affiliate link and post.

  • 5 Subdomains
  • 5 Domain – Cname mapping

OTO3 – Raiid Smash & Grab (Pixel added to sales page – $97)

User Pixel is added to Swarm sales page enabling them to build a large targeted audience.

OTO4 – Raiid AGENCY (Reseller package – $67)

Reseller package

OTO5 – Raiid – 1k Week V2 (Price: $127)

  • 1k Week V2 video tutorial with Done-for-you products. 6 Products
  • All the user needs to do is fill in the blanks, generate and give away high-quality pre-configured products. Each product becomes unique to the user after filling in the blanks.
  • Users benefit from an inbuilt promotional structure

Can you make money with Raiid?

Yes, you can make affiliate sales with Raiid. The software drives traffic to content with your affiliate links, that’s the bottom line.

Of course, as with all automation software, some of the content that Raiid generates might not be absolutely perfect. On that basis, it would be naive to think you can expect the same conversion rates as if this was all being done manually by a fantastic persuasive writer…

But when we’re talking totally automated, Raiid does a really good job of knitting everything together and sending targeted visitors through your affiliate links…

Does Raiid Work?

Absolutely. Raiid executes the 3 steps:

Step 1 – Research

Enter your keyword to instantly unlock the best selling Clickbank products in any niche. Simply select the product you want to promote, from 276 different categories…

(You can even select multiple products at once)

Step 2 – Create

Raiid sources and matches proven to convert content to promote your chosen product(s)… No writing required!

The software then generates your own Clickbank Affiliate Hub (CBA Hub) using that high quality automatically generated content and adds your affiliate link…

Step 3 – Free Traffic

Raiid syndicates your content (with affiliate links) across 5 high traffic platforms. Driving targeted buyers and commissions on 100% autopilot…

Raiid Review – Pros & Cons


Raiid is a complete Clickbank affiliate automation tool. As an end-user, you simply need to submit your affiliate link and keyword and Raiid does everything else for you. The software builds Clickbank affiliate hubs (essentially content websites) at the touch of a button…

So for those of you looking to get your affiliate links into the public domain with minimal effort, there is no faster method than using Raiid.

With Raiid, you don’t need to do any content creation or traffic generation at all. This is really useful for newbies or those who don’t have much time to spend on marketing. Importantly, these are the 2 steps where those getting into affiliate marketing typically slip up…

This means Raiid also increases your chance of succeeding as an affiliate marketer if you are just starting out.

The traffic module in particular is extremely powerful, syncing your content across high traffic social networks. Suffice to say, if you login to Raiid and set this in motion on a regular basis, you can’t fail to get targeted traffic through your affiliate links…


Raiid is a really solid affiliate marketing automation product, so it’s difficult to find anything that is particularly ‘bad’ about the software.

If I was being critical, the front end package only enables you to promote 10 products per month, so this can be a little restrictive if you want to dive into lots of niches to see which works best.

If you want to do more than that, you’ll have to upgrade.

In addition, if you think it’s going to be 100% hands-off, that isn’t the case…

You will need to login to the software from time to time in order to generate more content and sync it across Raiid’s traffic sources

And when that happens, you make sales.

In Summary

Raiid is the best affiliate marketing automation tool that I’ve seen to date. Kudos to Venkata, Mark and Nakul for putting their ideas together and coming out with this gem.

If you’re looking for a fast track to affiliate marketing success, this is it.

The guys are running a special introductory price right now, so I suggest you click the button below and read all of the features on the sales page. It comes with a money-back guarantee, so you can even take it for a test drive.

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Thank you for reading my Raiid Review

Wish You Success and See You Again

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