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SyncMSG Review – FaceBook Approved Software to 3X Your Profits

This SyncMSG Review will introduce a mind-blowing tool to reach more audiences. Let’s roll to find out what it is and what it can do!

SyncMSG Review – Introduction

As technology has grown so fast, Facebook Messenger chatbot has become popular than ever. Online businesses tend to be more aware of the importance of reaches from Facebook in particular and social networks in general. That has encouraged them to pay lots of money for ads trying to get people to sign up.

Inspired by the idea, Brad Stephens has come up with a product that can combine three different platforms that you usually use to reach audiences. It’s called SyncMSG. Basically, SyncMSG gets your subscribers to sign up only once for all three platforms. No confusion and no disruption at all.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Follow my SyncMSG Review to get more details!

SyncMSG Review – Overview

ButtonSProduct Name: SyncMSG


Creator: Brad Stephens

ButtonSOffice Page: SyncMSG Review Homepage

ButtonSLaunch Date: 2018 – 02 – 08 at 11:00 AM EST

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SyncMSG Review – What Is SyncMSG?

Some may mistake SyncMSG for a Facebook Messenger chatbot. It is not. However, SyncMSG can integrate with all-third party bot software that your clients use.

To be more precise, SyncMSG allows users to sync email leads, Facebook Messenger subscribers, and Facebook Push Notification just by one click. You can reach all of your customers within one single messenger.

SyncMSG lets you get more leads without having to use any code or paying any extra cost. You can diversify reaches and make sure your audiences will read your messages.

SyncMSG has 1 Front End and 3 OTO

Front End: SyncMSG

OTO1: SyncMSG Pro

OTO2: SyncMSG Agency License

OTO3: SyncMSG White Label

SyncMSG Review

SyncMSG Review – What Are The Great Features of SyncMSG?

See the features below that happily welcome you to a brand new way of running lead generation campaigns on your website or inside the FB messenger, posts & groups using our special “landing page system”

Select Whether You Want to Run Your Campaign On or Off of Facebook

Selecting whether you want to run your campaign on your website or on Facebook will provide you with different set up options.

Create Custom One-Click Lead Generation Campaigns

On Facebook:

Using our special landing page system, create a custom campaign that allows you to generate all 3 types of leads by using a link inside the FB messenger, posts & groups without the prospect ever having to enter their own email address!

Off Facebook:

Sync your 3 types of leads using a special button directly on your website, landing page, eCommerce store or ANY web page without the prospect ever having to enter their own email address!

Integrates with All Major Autoresponders

SyncMSG integrates with all major auto-responders! We even offer custom HTML if your auto-responder isn’t integrated! No imports or exports are necessary using this brand new software. Leads are synced directly to any email list of your choice!

Custom Lead Targeting Campaigns

Want to segment different campaigns into different email lists or push notification lists? SyncMSG allows you to do just this! Run highly targeted campaigns on or off Facebook.

Use With ANY Third-Party FB Messenger Software

Don’t worry if you already own a FB messenger software. SyncMSG is not a FB messenger auto-responder or bot. SycnMSG rather focuses on automating, diversifying and simplifying the lead generation process and therefore allows you to integrate with any third-party FB messenger/bot software.

SyncMSG Review – How to Use It.

Step#1: Choose your autoresponder

Choose the one that you want to sync leads to. The app can integrate with many major autoresponders, custom HTML integration is also possible.

Step#2: Choose three types of leads

Put your button anywhere you’d like and use the system to send your customers a link to your Facebook posts or anything you want.

Step#3: Leads Synced

This is a one-click step which you only have to click to authorize the process and sync your email.

Step#4: Reach leads in three main ways

Send broadcasts to your email lists, Facebook Push Notification or Facebook Messenger lists to spread the offers to everyone.

SyncMSG Review – Why Should You Get It?

There are three common platforms that most people use to diversify reaches: email leads, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook Push Notification. We are all used to the complication of having to use three platforms at a time. Not only does it waste a great deal of time and money, it also creates confusions amongst customers.

To avoid that, SyncMSG was created to save you from extra hours and waste money for ads. By synchronizing them, you can build marketing strategies and campaigns with ease. Sales are also expected to increase.

My key point in this part of the SyncMSG Review is this application makes your business a whole lot easier. SyncMSG is designed to help you simplify your management tasks. All things considered, SyncMSG is by all means worth getting. If you are the one who always seeks convenience and efficacy, this is your time to get it.

SyncMSG Review – Advantages of SyncMSG

To make it clear for you, in this part of the SyncMSG Review, I will list out some main benefits that you get:


This app helps streamline your business and focuses more on improving sales and marketing strategies. To do that, it bridges the gap between many different platforms into one only using just one click.

Save time and money

As all three platforms are synced into one, it will take less time for your customers to subscribers. This also means that you no longer have to spend a huge sum of money for ad work or hire some professional freelancers to do the tasks for you. Your results will be guaranteed.

Better practice

As you only have to build only one list, it is way lot easier to set up advertising campaigns. Your customers can also reach more of your posts and offers.

Now, SyncMSG helps you STOP:

  • Letting your leads die a slow death. You can turn them into evergreen PROFITABLE leads on 3 different platforms.
  • Putting all your eggs in one basket and praying for the best.
  • Breaking engagement by confusing leads with 3 different sign up funnels.
  • Losing 50% of your leads due to old-school methods and techniques.
  • Hoping that your FB account never gets affected by random events.
  • Losing sales due to poor diversification strategies.
  • Spending thousands of dollars on FB ads every month, convert your existing leads!
  • Collecting fake email addresses from people.

SyncMSG Review – Conclusion

If you are a complete beginner (never touched Facebook marketing), this is going to help you make your first sale overnight. Seriously, never before has there been an easier way to make money on or off Facebook.

Perhaps you’re an intermediate Facebook marketer (dipping your toes in but struggling to make money). Well, have I got news for you! SyncMSG is going to increase your bottom line significantly and build out passive income streams with your new easy way of generating leads!

Maybe you’re an advanced Facebook marketer (running profitable campaigns left, right and center). SyncMSG is going to take your business to heights you never thought possible. Double your opt-in rate, your prospects are now on 3 different high-open rate lists and never have to enter their email address!

There are a lot of FB lead tools out there, but none like this. Importantly, this developer focuses EXCLUSIVELY on FB lead generation: his stuff is tested, proven to work, and continues to work long term.

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