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Vid Siphon Review – Powerful New App Creates Video Ads & Viral Memes

If you are finding a new software delivers seductively Engaging videos & Viral Memes within minutes using Point & Click Ease without tech skills or experience. Welcome to my Vid Siphon Review, I hope you will have more useful information.

Vid Siphon Review – Overview

ButtonSProduct Name: Vid Siphon

ButtonSCreator: OJ James

ButtonSSales Page: Vid Siphon Review Office

ButtonSLaunch Date: 2018-Sep-04 at 11:00 AM EDT

ButtonSBonus: Get Huge Bonus Below

ButtonSRecommend: YES

Vid Siphon Review – What is VidSiphon?

It’s the ultimate Video Creation & Editing Cloud-based app that created by OJ James. It allows you to create videos for your ads in a minute, Edit your videos by adding text, image, intro/outro and much more.

Vid Siphon has 1 Front End and 4 OTOs

Front End – Vid Siphon Lite or Premium Edition >>> See Detail <<<

OTO1 –  Vid Siphon Professional Edition >>> See Detail <<<

OTO2 – Vid Siphon Template Pack >>> See Detail <<<

OTO3 – Vid Siphon Reseller License >>> See Detail <<<

OTO4 – Lead Siphon Upgrade >>> See Detail <<<

Vid Siphon Review


Vid Siphon Review – Why Should You Get It?

Firstly, we all know that video is the best way to bring awareness and grow your Brand & Business!

But, the True Fact is that!

You probably know a thing or two about creating video ads and viral meme. Before now you had only two basic options.

OPTION 01 – Use Complicated And Super-Expensive Software Like Camtasia Or After Effects

These software were not made for technically challenged people like us. Just to add a simple effect to video using one of these software tools would be harder than learning how to become a rocket scientist.

If you do a quick search on YouTube you will be completely shocked with hundreds, even thousands of tutorials on how to use these software… This just further serves as an indication just how difficult these software are to use.

OPTION 02 – Hire or Outsource The Task To Someone Else

Cost of Vid Ads

OMG just look at those prices for a single video, who has that type of budget to spend, especially if you are just starting out. Even if you’re an established marketer I’m sure you want to keep as much money in your pocket as you possibly can.

While the videos created by these vendors might be of great quality, there’s no guarantee that you will get it within a timely manner or if you will even like the

If you plan to create and publish videos on a regular basis, at these prices the financial risk for you is way too high!

Now it’s YOUR turn to get access to The Last And Only Instant Video Ads And Viral Meme Creation Tool You’ll Ever Need!

Yes, it is Vid Siphon. VidSiphon uses the own Specialized Cutting Edge Rendering Technology to Instantly Create Highly Engaging Video Ads and Viral Memes At Rapid Speed.

Secondly, Vid Siphon has perfect these features

Simple Drag & Drop Editor

Easily add any text, image, button, music, or even narration to your videos. If you can point-n-click…you’re good to go. There is no steep learning curve like the one you see with Camtasia and After Effects.

Powerful Cloud-Based Video Ads Creator

Create the perfect video ads anywhere and on any device you want. Works perfectly on different screen sizes like Mobile, Tablets, and PCs. Create a video ad with Camtasia on a smartphone…Ever heard that? Of course not. There’s no such thing.

Access to 1000s of Copyright Free Videos

Get access to thousands of copyright-free high-resolution videos that you can convert into professional video ads in seconds. No need to keep looking over your shoulder to see if a copyright-suit following you…there will be none

Turn Any Video into a Viral Meme

You don’t need a separate tool to create a Meme… Vid Siphon lets you do that too. Viral Memes are as effective at getting you traffic and sales as a Video Ad. Now transform any video into a viral meme in just a few clicks by adding a top and bottom text.

Save and Download Your Creation

Download your creation and share it on Facebook and Instagram or even any other platform you want. Stop scrollers dead in their tracks to check out your Video Ad and Meme, getting you bucket loads of traffic and sales in return.

Customizable Scene Creator

Splice ANY video into scenes (or segments). And then add your own text, images, buttons, music, voice-overs, and narration with just a few clicks to turn the video into a traffic and sales magnet.

The Video Quiz Builder Module

Create CTAS Quizzes, Generate Leads: Create a different type of quizzes, and start to generate leads, engage traffic and convert sales.

Capture Leads And Increase Virality: Gate quiz results to capture email addresses & collect data on your viewers. Encourage visitors to share quizzes for extra virality.

Embed And Share Everywhere: Embed your Lead Siphon quizzes anywhere – blogging platforms, site builders, e-commerce stores, you name it.

Thirdly, you can create stunning Video Ads & Viral Memes in 4 simple steps

STEP#1 – Login to the secure, cloud-based Vid Siphon dashboard. Click ‘Video Finder’ to get started and select a video you want to use. You can use your own video, select from the 1000s of videos inside the inbuilt Video library, or use any YouTube video.

STEP#2 – Create the segments or scenes you want to use by adding your own content like text, images, buttons, voice-overs, music and narration to every scene.

STEP#3 – Vid Siphon gets to work right away and creates your stunning Video Ad…complete with attention-grabbing CTAs (Call-To-Action) to get you massive traffic and loads of sales you’re your business deserves.

STEP#4 – Now just render & download your video ad or meme. And This is not even a step really but if you think about it 🙂

In just 3 simple steps you can have a powerful and engaging video or viral meme to blast out to customers or local clients, while the traffic, leads and sales rolls in

Vid Siphon Review – Conclusion

As a Special Launch Bonus Get Commercial Rights Included On The Front End!

In 5 minutes or less, you can have a viral video ready to share or sell over and over again. SELL it for WHATEVER price you want and keep ALL the money.

For a very limited time, we are offering the Commercial License to Vid Siphon at no extra cost to you our valid customers.

Video Ads and Memes are in hot demand in the market today… simply because the level of engagement they drive to your business is unparalleled.

Vid Siphon is not just another tool that you will have not use, because literally moments from now you can literally starting using the software to a bank and easy $200 or more starting right now.

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Thank for reading my Vid Siphon Review

Wish You Success and See You Again

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