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Email Toolkit Review – 10 Tools that get 10x More Clicks from Your Emails

Welcome to my article Email Toolkit Review!

There are a lot of methods to promote your products. However, email marketing is still the undisputed king when it comes to conversion rates and sales. This fact is proven since every marketer or business is doing it. Every day, my inbox is filled with sales offers or news sent by a wide range of vendors, from international companies like Microsoft or Amazon to local clothes or accessories shop owners.

Amidst this competitive market, how can you persuade your customers to click on your offers? Do you have the experience to build high-converting email sequence consistently? If you do not, you should take a look at EMAIL TOOLKIT. This is the work of a famous marketer who is crushing it in this field. It can change your email marketing immediately, and you will know its power in my EMAIL TOOLKIT review!

Email Toolkit Review – Overview

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What Is Email Toolkit?

Typically, a marketer has to try several times to find out which email sequences convert and which do not. Even worse, it is impossible to ensure that you can replicate the same results in the future. This is the reason why many marketers have to invest a lot, and their profits are not satisfying at all.

Email Toolkit is a toolbox to address these issues. It contains 10 applications that can format your sales emails so that the customers cannot resist them. The software uses the same email formula that brings Ankur Shuklar, a marketing leader, a 7-figure income.

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Email Toolkit Review

Email Toolkit Review

Email Toolkit Review – Which Features Do You Get from Email Toolkit?

First App: Headline/Subject-line Generator

This is a 1-click application that can generate captivating and excited headlines for any blog posts or emails. It is also applicable to almost all popular niches.

Second App: Email Formatter App

The format of your emails needs to follow a distinct style so that the readers can read and click on them easily. If you do not know how to do it, just let this software turn them into professional sequences that rival the creation of top marketing agencies.

Third App: Spammy Subject Checker App

This software will ensure that your emails will never be treated as spams. It modifies the subject line to make them legit and humanlike.

Fourth App: Spam Words Checker App

This tool offers necessary assistance for writers with little experience. It eliminates spam words in the emails so that they are always welcomed by the customers.

Fifth App: Email Extractor App

This is another easy-to-use application. With it, you can generate a list of relevant emails from any texts or paragraphs.

Sixth: Email Countdown App

To increase the conversion and engagement rates, you need call-to-action buttons. They urge the readers to click on your links. For example, you can set a timer to inform them that the special launch period is running out. This is the application that will help you to complete this task effortlessly.

Seventh App: Email Magic App

The customers will feel closer to you if you can add some degrees of personalization. This software gives what you need by adding the subscriber names to the contents of your emails, resulting in more interactions.

Eighth App: List Cleaner App

This is the tool for you to clear the non-converting, unprofitable emails from your business with only one mouse click.

Ninth App: Gmail Preview App

Before sending an email, you can review how it will look in the users’ inboxes with this application. It supports both PC and smartphone modes, allowing you to broaden your customer range.

Tenth App: Email Emoji App

A funny and emotional EMOJI can change the way your customers look at your emails, and you can insert any EMOJI with this app.

How Does It Work?

EMAIL TOOLKIT requires no experience or skills to use:

  • Step#1: Prepare your draft emails with the intended contents
  • Step#2: Modify the draft with each application to make an irresistible sales offer
  • Step#3: Push your final emails into the autoresponders and enjoy

Pros and Cons


  • Powerful email toolbox
  • Give your email professional and irresistible appearances and formats
  • User-friendly
  • Protect your sequences from spam filters
  • Add timers and viral headlines to create a sense of urgency


  • No significant weakness

Which Issues Can You Solve with EMAIL TOOLKIT?

Professional and Converting Sales Emails

The applications in Email Toolkit is capable of writing the viral headlines of any promotional emails. They can give your emails a professional appearance, clear the bad emails, check the contents, etc. They even protect your offers from being treated at spams. All of these tasks are done with only some mouse clicks.

The software follows the formula that Ankur Shukla has discovered, used, and polished for years. You will be able to create sales emails like top marketers without going through the rigorous, costly, and frustrating trial-and-error process.

Work Less, Earn More

Email Toolkit eliminates all the guess works that raise your expenses and reduce the profits.  Your tasks are only to import your contents and to make some clicks. However, your conversion rates will skyrocket as the customers cannot ignore your offers anymore.

Email ToolKit Review – Conclusion

Email marketing is the current and future of online marketing. No matter which niches you are working in, you have to create top-class email sequences to earn your dreamed profits. In my experience, no other tools on the market can help you get to a high level of email marketing like Email Toolkit can do.

This toolbox is simple to use, but it can change how you do your business forever. There is no reason to not try it since there are 30 days of unconditional refunds. Believe me! There are a lot of other interesting features that are waiting for you.

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